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How do I know if my photos are backed up on my iPhone ? I’m confused 😳?

Okay I have an iPhone 8 Plus , I’m getting the iPhone xR in a couple of days . I know my phone already backs up and needs to be backed up before switching over

Now there’s an option on my iPhone that saids “automatically upload and store all on your pictures in iCloud to access on your devices” but that option is turned OFF

Am I suppose to turn it on ????? Does that mean my pictures aren’t already backed up ? I don’t want to lose my pictures when I switch to a new phone. So I don’t know what option to hit or what that even is ??

And no I don’t have a computer to store anything on too just my phone btw.

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    Yes. Turn on that setting. When your phone is connected to WiFi and charging, everything in your phone will back up when that setting is on

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