bedbugs: what s safe to bring to my next apartment without needing to wash?

im moving out in july and the last thing i want is to bring them with me. and i mean things along the line of open bags of pasta, tea cans, books. are those safe to assume bedbugs won t be in? i know they are places they generally do not go but my apartment is very small and I recently found out that by using store bought products on my mattress i just made them more likely to hide anywhere but on my mattress. for those who will inevitably ask why i don t just get my place treated ill write the whole story below. cheers!

when we had a bedbug incident in my building instead of getting the whole building treated (there is literally one big carpet that makes up the whole building floor so yeah) they only treated the couple app in proximity of the person who brought them in. this was back in november and a couple weeks later i found one in my bed and immediately got some store bought product to treat my bed unknowingly to me at the time that would only make them hide elsewhere instead of eliminate them. I called my landlord and explained the situation explaining that i d used product on my mattress and they therefore probably wouldn t find any on mine but that i couldn t be the only one with them and they should probably investigate. fast forward months later I was getting eaten alive by these pests and the landlord did nothing about it because they couldn t find anything on my mattress. Well I found another one in my bed lately. Called again & still waiting for a call back.

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  • 6 months ago
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    No bedbugs in foodstuffs, only in ALL cloth products. Any piece of clothing, linen material, and curtaining should be WASHED thoroughly.


  • 6 months ago

    Short answer, if it CAN be washed, I would wash it, or more important run it through a high temp drier, whether or not it MAY have been exposed.

    Plastic is generally safe. I would park anything upholstered, mattresses, etc. in a metal moving van under direct sunlight for a full day. With any luck, it will get hot enough for long enough to equal the heat treatment recommended for residences with major infestations.

  • 6 months ago

    Bed bugs will be found in the bedroom, rarely in any other place unless you nap on a couch. Then you may need to treat that room.

    They love wood hiding places, wood dressers, wood matress platforms, night stands...

    They can be killed by getting Malathion at a hardware store which has sprays and insecticides. Buy 1 qt and mix it in a spray bottle.

    Lightly Spray:

    Take the bed mattress up and spray the box spring wood frame inside. spray the Ribbing over the whole spring and mattress. Spray any Plywood sheets under the bed. spray the carpet all the way to mop boards. If the mop boards are wood spray above them and let it run down behind them. Spray wood furnature inside and out and on the back. Any cracks where they can hide. Place any clothes you can do without(winter) into a garbage bag, seal it up for two months.

    Do all of this in the early morning, air out the apartment all day with fans.

    The odor is tolerable, better than getting eaten alive.

    Do this before moving. Treat the new apartment 2 days before moving. Be prepared to repeat on a moments notice. The second time is easier.

    The hatch cycle is 2 weeks. After 4 you have fixed it.

    Malathion is the preferred choice. If you go with ORGANIC BS be prepared to scratch a lot.

    Bed bugs are not in the Kitchen, Pantry, food stuffs...

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