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My dog is having muscle spasms?

Hello, I have a 4,5 yrs old labrador recently he's been getting a weird muscle cramp/spasms, whenever I pet him on the back and run my hand down it there is a certain spot (roughly mid back) which when you run your hand over it tightens, and I can't tell whether it's cramping or if it's a spasm, anyways depending on how you grab this area this can go on for a while and make the dog uncomfortable, he's also showing weird things like a second ago he was laying down and stood up with visible discomfort and his back right leg stood into the air like he hurt his paw, except he didn't, this mid back point which causes this cramp /spasm simultaneously makes his lips twitch backwards, and also his back right leg (once again) to move up, I've also just noticed his right back leg sometimes twitches on his own(kicking) and he seems to be confused when this happens :( he isn't in any pain and he's still very happy /jumpy, loves going on walks, but I booked a vet session to get it checked out, should I be worried? How can I help him for now? Has this happened to your dog before? Thanks for any help

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    While this could be a spinal problem, my best guess (based on the dog holding up the leg - periodically) is a luxating patella. While more commonly seen on small & toy breeds this seems to have a pre-disposition for happening in Labrador Retrievers, so it was HELPFUL for you to have mentioned your dog's breed.

    A luxating patella is another name for a slipping knee cap. This can happen due to injury or due to genetics plus wear & tear on a mal-formed knee cap. It can be painful in some dogs, and I think the muscle spasms you see, are in relation to that or trying to re-adjust its weight and stance, and hold the leg up.

    Yes, you DO NEED to see your vet for a diagnosis and a decision on treatment.

    Here are some articles:

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      " .... whenever I pet him on the back and run my hand down it there is a certain spot (roughly mid back) which when you run your hand over it tightens," This is unlikely to happen with luxating patella?

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    My dog had a spinal problem - and he was a Lab.

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    I'm guessing spinal and you definitely need to get this checked out by a vet.

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    If you are worried then take a trip to your vet

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    I'd get him checked by your vet, and probably sooner rather than later. He may have a spinal problem or even something to do with HD which many Labs suffer with.

    I had a hound who had what my then vet suggested was a Charley Horse. But this is only a guess which is all you'll get from here - wait for the vet's diagnosis.

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