My computer makes sound.?

Can I cover the computer with a box or something to make the sound go away. Computers are to be quiet?


Is there a way to test each fan separately?

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  • P
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    6 months ago

    Most normal PC's are built to be silent, but as they get older the fans get louder and need to be replaced. To identify the problem fan you open the computer up and lightly put your finger in each fan (no it doesn't hurt) and if the sound changes you know which one it is. Gaming computers require a lot more cooling and can normally make some sound, but you can get hybrid liquid coolers for it that will be much quieter.

  • 6 months ago

    Check for three things.

    1 - Excess dust

    2 - Nothing touching the fans

    3 - Fans are intact and nothing is broken off or could cause them to be off balance.

  • 6 months ago

    Buy better quality fans.

  • 6 months ago

    You may want to clean the cooling fan and it should be more quiet.

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  • 6 months ago

    NO! it needs the airflow.

  • 6 months ago

    Yes I understand exactly what you're talkin about computers are not quiet. You cannot cover it up the computer sucks air in through the ports and exchanges it with the outside air if you cover up the computer you're going to overheat it and burn it up. what you need to do is find out why your computer is making noise. Press control alt delete and take a look at your CPU usage if it's high you have malware and viruses running that's making the fan run wide open. If your hard drive is chattering away making a lot of noise it's doing a lot of writing for some reason find out why and correct the problem rather than try to hide the noise or the pad the noise. If you can't stand the hard drive noise get yourself a solid state drive they don't make any noise

  • keerok
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    6 months ago

    The noisiest part of a computer are the fans. There are at least two inside the box, one for the processor and another for the power supply. Some have more so a typical CPU would have at least two more case fans and another fan for the GPU. Add to that the second noisiest part, the hard disk. Most modern hard disks are quiet but you'll know you have an old one when you start hearing marbles.

    You don't cover the computer. You will suffocate and cook it if you do so. Judging from the number of fans computer makers put in there, you should have guessed that computers run hot. Very hot.

    There usually is a setting the computer's BIOS to turn fan noise to a minimum. The fan will run quieter but slower. The downside of this is the computer will run hotter. You wouldn't want that.

    Another thing you can do is install the CPU on the floor, away from your ears. There are specially designed computer desks that allow you to do this and still permit proper ventilation to avoid overheating.

    The most drastic solution would be to install a liquid cooling system but even that requires at least one huge fan. You have the option then to install a very expensive fan that is super quiet. Yes, they exist. Make sure you use the accompanying rubber dampers to maximize noise control.

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