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Please help me calculate the minimum I need to pass?


hi, please read below in the answer section for my question as it was too long to post in here, thank you again!

Update 2:

this image should provide more context, thanks again

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    wrong target. you need to do as much work as you can ... the more you learn now, the more you'll be able to use one day in the real world

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    6 months ago


    I am currently in university and I have chosen a course I absolutely suck at , I am having trouble calculating the minimum grade I need to pass.

    In my course, we have labs and assignments worth a total of 30% (in which I have full points), a test worth 10%(in which I only scored 4.6/10, so 4.6%) and our final is worth 60%.

    However in order to pass, we must pass at least 35/70 in the theoretical component (test and exam), I had originally calculated that I need about 50.3% in the final exam to pass, but the more I think about it the more I confuse myself.

    Please, can some kind soul help me out with a solution, and maybe an answer so that I can figure out similar things in the future and not turn to the internet for help.

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