I think my FB account and gmail account has been hacked.?

Yesterday I tried to access my FB account & after typing in my password, it said that my cell # wasn't on file. I had it set up that way so that I could have a pass code sent to me because my account was hacked a while back along with thousands of other people. I just tried again & it was a no go. I went to my gmail account & it said my password was wrong. I changed it & there were no emails saying that any changes to my account has been made. One thing I want to add is when ever I logged in to FB, I got a message saying that my account was logged in from an unfamiliar computer & go back & use one that is. I set it up so that FB wouldn't recognize my browser. I read in one if FB help section to set it up that way so that it would be hard to be hacked. My FB account doesn't have a picture of me, only an object. According to FB, to recover my account, I have to take a picture of my drivers license or a government document that has my name & photo on it. I don't have my picture on FB. Has anyone else gone through this & if so how did you regain your account? I don't want to send them something that has my address on it. Shoot, I don't know who's on the other end.

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  • 9 months ago
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    That's the same thing as calling on a telephone and using it for not talking to anyone.

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  • Daniel
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    8 months ago

    Change your Password once you have done that your Accounts should be Safe

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