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whats with all the weird stories about the dark web. i see a lot of people acting like its just as dangerous as visiting iraq or something.?

who started all this nonsense


@shadow. thats kind of misleading. your not gonna have all your information stolen just by visiting the dark web. your at the same risk of having your info stolen by visiting the normal internet as you are by visiting the dark web. the worse thing that can happen is they trace your ip, hack your isp and steal your credit card info. as long as your isp doesnt know that info your completely safe there. also it would be very hard for them to trace your ip without controlling exit nodes.

Update 2:

the dark web is not just some criminal hangout. people use it for perfectly legal and important things.

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    The Dark Web is a connection to an internet system that is not usually available to anyone. Hence the name. You need specific software to access it. This is were you can find illegal things, assassins, pirate stuff and so on. If you do not have sufficient security on your computer when accessing the Dark Web or knowledge of the Dark Web, your system can easily be tracked, hacked and your information stolen. I've been in the industry for over 15 years and have researched the Dark Web a lot. I have never used it because I have no need to and would prefer to not get involved in it.

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    For some of those represented there, it kind of is. Sure, your SSN is there, or your phone number, or illegal prescriptions, but there's still a kind of trade that oppresses people.

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