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What does it mean to be a model in a show during New York fashion week? But, the show isn’t on the official nyfw calendar?

Is it wrong to say you modeled in nyfw?

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    It's still a big deal, many of the largest and most impactful lines are shown out of the tents as they say. Say you did NYFW is an out-of-the-tents/off/site/off the main stage show. Some lines that are out of the tents include big names like Rachel Comey, Tom Ford, Betsey Johnson, Alice+Olivia, and more. Even Ann Sui has shown off site. Kanye West -not a real designer I know -had a very controversial show off Manhattan Island and it was considered part of NYFW. If it takes place during fashion week in New York City you've modelled during fashion week.

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    You can just say you modeled in a show during NY fashion week. That is ambiguous enough to not land you in trouble for 'lying', and most people would assume you modeled in one of the official shows when they hear that.

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