my dad had hep c and was cured, he now is having gallbladder pain i have questions about liver transplant?

He had Hep c And was cured the doctor is offering him A liver from an infected Donor who had Hep c. He Is having gallstone pain, Should he take the infected liver and get Hep c treatment again I am concerned he may have problems with treatment he is currently cured

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  • 6 months ago

    Having a liver transplant for gallstones seems pretty evasive. Why doesn't he simply have his gallbladder removed?

    Or did you forget to include half the relevant information in your question?

    Also, unless your dad is rushing into surgery "right now", they aren't offering a Hep C liver. They are asking him if it's acceptance in the event that one becomes available.

    • Robert6 months agoReport

      Dr does not want to remove gallbladder because he is on transplant list, that's why they offered hep c liver

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