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Why hasn't my question been answered by a person in the dental field when it is very serious and they should feel responsible?


There fellow colleagues of there industry have destroyed my life due to negligence, so they should want to help me?

Otherwise, this proves all dentists only care about money and not the lives they ruin with there incompetence and ignorance.

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  • 6 months ago

    Dental surgeons don’t tend to lurk around on Y!A to meet your demands. They also don’t feel responsible for anything done by someone else.

    And if you asked a question which nobody here had a genuinely useful answer for, then apart from a few trolls your question would remain unanswered.

    So if you had no answer here, phone your dental surgeon’s office (or a different one local to you if you no longer trust your regular one) and ask their advice. They may need to book you an appointment to examine and diagnose whatever your complaint is about.

  • Lauren
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    6 months ago

    If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please seek advice from an ER physician or a dentist in person as soon as their office opens. If you are unhappy with your current dentist, you can seek out another one that will better fit your needs. That's the best way to get your questions answered. It's unlikely that dentists are going to be available here, as they need a work-life balance just like anyone else. They need to unwind, relieve stress, and sleep once they are done with practice for the day and they probably do not want to go online and answer questions at that point. Most professionals don't only care about money, but certainly money is the driver behind why people work. Just like a car mechanic, they do expect money for their services and unfortunately there isn't much say over what dental insurance is going to charge. So not everything regarding money is their fault - they don't necessarily set the prices for dental work.

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