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I hate dreaming, what can I do?

Long story short, i hate dreaming so much i’ve gone 3 days without sleep and let me tell you: it sucks.

Not just nightmares, but actual regular dreams. Whether their “good” or not.

More often than not, they’re simply boring. There have been many times where I dream of being in a white room with no sound or images for hours and hours on end.

Almost every night, I end up realizing that i’m dreaming and i’m able to control my dream self- like walk and talk-but i’m not able to wake myself up no matter how hard I try. It’s like being trapped in my own mental prison every time I sleep. I can’t even change the dream because I’ll have no control of the setting or anything happening OTHER than myself.

My question is: How do I stop myself from having these dreams?

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    Everyone dreams. Only some remember their dreams. Fewer use their dreams as a tool for self development. If you are uncomfortable with your dreams, perhaps it is because the messages or guidance and difficult to follow. Remember, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Meditations for the Journey into Light by Carl Mohan
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    I can only tell you what I would do, and that is to ask the dream what are you trying to tell me? Talk it out in the dream, since you can't get out or wake up from what seems like a room in a crazy house in a straightjacket. Is there any reason why your mind would picture this type of room? Have you any idea at all about what emotions you are feeling? If you haven't been to sleep in three days, then your mind is kind of on overload. I would think you have got to make up for the lost sleep time, no matter what you dream. Maybe after you sleep for a few extra hours each night, eventually you will work your way back into the sunlight.

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    The first thing that comes to mind is whether you're taking some medication, or perhaps recently have quit taking something. For example, opioids lead to very pleasant dreams every night and therefore are addictive. If medication isn't relevant, then you may want to find a way to alleviate frustrations during your waking hours--a healthy way such as exercise and eating right and avoiding people or situations that cause great anger or anxiety.

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    Sleep deprivation is a great way to ensure those dreams happen and are more intense. Realize you will dream, live with it, and get professional help.

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