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Is an employer allowed to force you to work when you re sick?

So, I ve been working at my job for a year. Over the winter I got sick with some kind of virus. I went to call in sick for the first time since working there (after about 7 months) and was told I had to come to work, but that I could take a half day because they needed me. Once half of the day had passed I asked if I could go home and rest and they said no. As a result, I ended up being exposed to a customer who had the flu. Since my immune system was already weak from being sick already, I caught a bad case of the flu and had to go to the hospital. Flash forward to about 6 months later I was sick again with another virus. Again, I asked if I could take one day off. I was told the same thing that I could not call in sick because they needed me, but I could take a half day. Once again about half way through the day they said I could not leave. As a result, I overworked myself (I work 6-7 days a week, 12 hours a day) and ended up developing walking pneumonia. I m still having to work even though I currently have pneumonia and I m having to take a z pack and steroids prescribed by the doctor. I only get sick about twice a year and I only miss a maximum of 2 days of work per year. My boss said "why are you so sick all the time?" I tried to explain to her I m only this sick because my body is not getting any rest. I also do not get breaks either. Is this even legal?

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    They can not. It is illegal. If you work in right to work state you might have a problem suing or filing charges thru the state board of labor.

    I would call the state labor board or equivalent and see if you can. They can not force you too. You should have sick days as well. If you call int to take your sick or personal day they can not say crap. And even if you miss 2 technically you do not need a note from doctor only after so many days. Also look into your employee handbook or check with human resources. Also check your state and local government abt this.

    Many employers pull this and know many do not know their rights.

    You have rights. Except in right to work states. you get nothing, u just get screwed.

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    This is against good business practices and probably breaking every law on the books pertaining to employment. You must be the best employee they've ever had, if they can't function without you.

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    You should patent this tool you have found that tells you where you get your illnesses from. It would save millions of lives (and I'm sure you would earn billions).

    "I ended up being exposed to a customer who had the flu" - Per the Center for Disease Control: Most healthy adults may be able to infect others beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 5 to 7 days after becoming sick.

    "I overworked myself...and ended up developing walking pneumonia." - amazing because again the CDC says you get pneumonia (walking or otherwise) from someone that sneezes or coughs who is infected and you come in contact with droplets from the nose and throat.

    You are free to get another job or talk to your boss about reducing your hours. But belly-aching "because my body is not getting any rest" makes you sound like a drama queen.

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    Get another job. And vote for politicians who believe in worker rights.

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