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What is the difference between beautiful and sexy?

What makes someone sexy, not just beautiful

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    A woman has a pretty face, she is beautiful.

    A woman has a sexy body (a$$, tit$ and legs), she is sexy.

    I see a beautiful woman and I see her soft, cute female female features, which I find attractive. But I see a voluptuous woman, my primordial instinct activates wanting to suck on her huge breasts, and penetrate her huge soft a$$. The sexy one is more fertile while the beautiful one is more feminine.

    Both can come together.

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    Beautiful is your heart. Sexy is sex appeal

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    6 months ago

    beautiful is a very pleasing to the senses where sexy is more to do with sexual desires and invoking them

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  • Lava
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    6 months ago

    Babies, dogs, and trees can be beautiful, hopefully you don't describe any of those as sexy.

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    Beautiful - wife.

    Sexy - mistress

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    Beauty = inside and out. Someone can have a beautiful face, or beautiful aura about them.

    Sexy = an attitude. Confidence is sexy. Not necessarily a hot body.

  • 6 months ago

    Pheromones .

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