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Should I delete my Paypal account?

People keep telling me that Paypal is just like a bank. I completely agree with them.

I sent Paypal a picture of my State ID

I sent Paypal a picture of my social security card

I sent Paypal a picture of my utility bill

I verified my phone number and Gmail address.

I gave them EVERYTHING they asked for, but they said my identity is still not verified.

People are missing the point of what I'm saying. I have a bank account and it was less hassle.


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    Well if you aren't that person, then you should have no problem with making another account. Not sure what you did to put yourself in that predicament (I've never been there myself), but if you don't want to do business on Ebay, then it's completely fine to abandon it.

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    Do you want a PayPal account? If not then delete it, it's not up to strangers to tell you what to do

    Also, I'd say PayPal are worse than banks, they have been terminating accounts owned by people they disagree with politically.

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