Why am I not selling anything online or at my garage sale?

I inherited a 2500 sq ft Victorian house filled with my mother's collections of art, vintage glassware and china, furniture and assorted items. I've been trying to sell on FB, Craig's List and having occasional garage sales. I have sold very little. Don't people want antiques anymore?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Oh, I hear your pain. I recently emptied a relatives 2300 sf house, their 1500 sf basement which was jam packed with collectibles and their attic full of furniture.

    Everyone wants what they had, but no one wants to pay for it. I had an antique dealer come to the house to help me realize the value of some pieces. We had this one blanket chest that was made in the late 1700's, based on the hardware. The antique dealer said it was worth about $700 to $900 and offered me $200!!! I told him that for that price, I may as well give it away and since my realtor loved that piece, I would gift him with it. The antique dealer just about fell over when I said that!!

    Anyway, those who want antiques and collectables just do not want to pay for them. They want a deal and they want to pay as little as possible. Finding the right buyer is time consuming and exhausting, I know. All of the stuff I had to get rid of became nothing but a burden and my vision of making money slowly began to fade until I was so sick of dealing with all of these things that I just donated it or sold it for next to nothing.

    My real estate attorney gave me a list of guys who will come and take things away. I sold a Chippendale couch, an antique washstand, oak book cases, vintage wicker and other items for a measly $300.00, just to get it out of my garage.

    People today, our youth, in particular, do not value vintage things. They are all buying new stuff and see vintage things as worthless used old crap. Which could not be further from the truth, as vintage items are well made and have passed the test of time.

    I have found that people on Craigslist are not looking to spend market value for anything. Ebay takes a lot of work and after fees are incurred through Ebay and Paypal, plus your time packaging and sending items through the mail.......it is a pain in theass. You could have a tag sale and offer a vintage set of glasses for the low price of 75 cents each and someone will offer you 25 cents each. It is maddening. Then there is the consignment route, where they want to give you 60% of the sale as they keep 40%, but the price goes down every few weeks until they say they donate everything if you do not pick it up. Who wants that stuff back to deal with all over again. And besides which, the consignment shop can sell an item for below value at $100 to begin with and you end up with just $60 or less after all.

    I say sell the whole lot to someone who has a shop so you can get rid of everything in one fell swoop so you are done and over with handling all that stuff. I began giving things away as birthday and Christmas gifts to people I knew who would enjoy it.

    Again, people do want your stuff, they just do not want to pay what you want for it.

    • debodun6 months agoReport

      My mom bought Depression glass in the 1970s when that was a hot collectible. Once she paid $300 for a 27-piece luncheon set. That would be about $1300 in today's money. I finally had to let it go for $50 - that was the best offer I had! Japanese lusterware and Depression glass are cold turkey today.

  • 6 months ago

    Seems most people today think their old junk is worth a fortune. Truth is, it is worth no more than what someone will give for it. How much it sold for new doesn't mean squat.

    Try consigning to your local auction house and hope for the best.

    You don't own that stuff, it owns you until you rid it.

    • debodun6 months agoReport

      How can you know what someone will pay for anything?

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    No people just want iPhones and black SUVs now. Antiques are so passé

  • 6 months ago

    If the items aren’t selling and you are really getting them out there, your asking prices are too high.

    People shopping at garage sales, on craigslist, etc, are not looking for antique store prices.

    I always get irritated and amused when someone says “Oh, that’s $_____ because if I cleaned it and fixed it I’d be able to sell it on line for that much. My response is usually something like “If you want that much for it then you should fix it and clean it and research it and pay to list it on line.” Then a pause and “I want the price for it dirty, broken and at a garage sale.”

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  • 6 months ago

    Well without knowing anything about the items I can only assume your asking prices are too high.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Try Ebay auctions. Set a realistic reserve price and see what transpires.

    • debodun6 months agoReport

      I don't ship. What I have is either too cost prohibitive to ship (i.e. heavy and bulky) or too fragile (like eggshell-thin glass and ceramics).

  • 6 months ago

    Generally no, or, as often happens, you have a fixed idea of 'what it's worth'. There is no such animal. Things will sell once you reach the market price. You are probably hanging out for better prices, and, if things are out of fashion, even collectibles and antiques, they will fetch little. For example, suddenly brown mahogany furniture, even the best quality, is now unfashionable with everyone wanting light coloured woods.

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