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Do social media platforms function as the 21st century town square, where censorship is tantamount to lacking true freedom of speech?

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    In my opinion, yes, although I can't help but notice the irony in right-wingers moaning about censorship on social media while they've smugly told us all for years about the free market and how it's fine for businesses to discriminate against minorities if they want, now they want laws to protect them on Facebook and Twitter.

    If they don't support anti-discrimination legislation then they have no place to whine about corporate censorship.

  • 2 years ago

    There's irony all around considering what is freedom of speech vs what is considered hate speech or discrimination. You are free to be hateful and say whatever you want, however there are consequences depending on the forum you choose to express yourself in. Whether it's an angry mob that will rip you to shreds for saying it or a report button that generates enough outrage to get you censored on a social platform.

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