Could anyone advise the best way to fill this size hole? I expect its pollyfiller but is it too big? Any advise would be great.?

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  • 6 months ago

    durabond,and some cut copper screen mesh or fiberglass mesh to stick in the slot/hole,fill to about one 8th/in below the surface,use a stiff brush to roughen 'smooth' when almost dry,let sit a day,apply fine grade plaster with a smooth trowel till it looks just like surrounding wall material,wet lightly when semi dry,,smooth out till a nice sheen results,let dry prime & paint to match.

  • 6 months ago

    Cut out a round or oval piece of cardboard slightly larger than the hole. Put a piece of string through the middle of it (tiny hole in it) and knot it in the back with a paperclip and some tape so it can't pull back through the hole. Put glue around the edges of the cardboard (on the string and not the paperclip/knot/tape side) and fold it like a taco shell toward the string. Push it through the hole in the wall and pull it tight with the string twisted around a pencil or something. When the glue makes contact with the backside of the wall, tape the pencil in place on the face of the wall. Let the glue dry. Remove the pencil and cut the string. Fill the hole with spackle or drywall mud now that you have a backing.

  • 6 months ago

    Try making a "Dutchman." Cut a piece of wood as thick as the hole and slightly larger than the hole. Scribe around the Dutchman over the hole with a sharp pointed knife. Use a chisel to cut away to the scribe lines then glue the wood in place.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Soak some paper (eg kitchen roll) or jute in polyfilla and crumple into the hole (add a bit of PVA if you have it), so it sits below the surface; then when it is dry fill in the usual way. I've patched much bigger holes than that with this method.

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