Will a 25x11x10 Maxxis Zilla Rear Tire work on my Beartracker ATV?

I have a Yamaha Beartracker 250 Atv & the stock rear tire size is 22x10x10. Do you think Maxxis Zillas 25x11x10 would fit on my ATV without a Lift Kit? Would my little ATV even have enough power to turn them? They weigh just 1 Pound more than my Stock Tire. Should I just get a 23 Inch tire instead of a 25 inch. I've heard that I can go one or two inches bigger than Stock.

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  • 6 months ago
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    Am going to guess no without a lift-kit. The wider 11" tire on a 10" rim will lift the tire higher.

    The ATV could power that extra 1# but all else fails without extra work and money.

    Source(s): Riding/racing for 55+ yrs. owned two Yamaha ATVs.
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