Is it safe to ignore CPU temperature?

So I have this problem for 2 days already. Every time I start up my computer, it takes me to the BIOS and says that "CPU Fan Temperature Error", "Press F1 to go to settings". And when I ignored it and try to use my computer, it shuts off automatically after a few minutes. If I ignored the "CPU Fan Temperature" in the settings, will it resolve my problem? Is it safe? If not, can you tell me how to fix this?


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    6 months ago
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    The CPU fan needs to be replaced..... And... There is no want or alternative here. The CPU will throttle and then shut the system down if the fan isn't working, period.

    The first thing I would suggest doing is opening up the case door to see if the fan is spinning or if the fan's power cable became disconnected.

    If you're not comfortable doing this yourself then I would suggest taking it to a shop. Replacing the CPU fan is a fairly straightforward and simple process if you study the steps. In many cases the CPU fan is integrated into the heatsink, so it's easier to replace the entire heatsink/fan combo.

    I have a watercooling loop and I sometimes choose to ignore my CPU fan, but at least I know the loop is going to keep my CPU cool. If the heatsink fan is malfunctioning and you choose to ignore the CPU fan then the system will throttle and shutdown. If the CPU gets too hot then it can become damaged, and this is the reason it will throttle if it gets too hot.

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    Your CPU is protecting itself from cooking to death. The CPU fan is what cools down the CPU. Without it, the CPU will overheat. Its like most cars. Most cars have a liquid cooling system to keep the engine cool. If it leaks or fails, the engine can overheat which can cause massive damage. The computer is shutting itself off so that you don't damage the CPU.

    The only way to fix it is to replace whatever component failed; which in this case is probably the CPU fan.

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    The ONLY way it is safe, my friend, is if you don't mind buying a new CPU because that's what will happen.

    You computer is deliberately shutting down to protect the CPU.

    You need to purchase a new CPU fan ... and thermal paste, then replace the current fan that has either stopped working altogether or is near to stopping altogether.

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  • Mark
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    6 months ago

    It's telling you that one of the fans isn't working or that the cpu is overheating.

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      So how can I fix that? I 'm not using my computer for now, so how it is overheating?
      If it's about the fans not working, maybe i'll bring it to a pc repair shop.

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