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What to do for a pig themed jazz party?

My friends kid is having a party with a pig theme, I think she like them their her fav animal or something but also it’s at a park with jazz music? What should I expect? What gift will fit the theme? Help I really want to impress her she’s really sweet!,


The kid is 10 years old and it’s definitely not peppa pig themed, I know she hates that. Please help I really wanna impress my friend she’s really cute

Update 2:

I’m freaking out I think my friends kid wants me to do karaoke too? Are their any jazz songs about pigs?

Update 3:

Whoops sorry I meant to write little sister not kid, but it worked out okay anyway! I actually found this really cool pig toy at my local thrift shop. It had all these letters on it to spell and a magnified glass for pig dolls and stuff. I’ll try to snap a pic for peeps. Also, the mom was taking donations to group buy a bike and I pitched in. Pig board thing went over good too! I found some pig paper like you all said! I was relieved too, I didn’t think wood toys went over with kids these days.

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    The party is the theme, not the gifts. Buy a gift that is age appropriate for the 10 year old child that reflects his/her interest. WRAP the gift in pink paper with a black ribbon and white bow or a combination of those colors that reflect "pig" colors.

    You can probably expect to be served pork or pigs-in-a-blanket appetizers.

    Remember, the theme does not extend to the guests, unless it is costume party. The theme is to be enjoyed by the guests and not necessarily a means to pick a pig themed gift.

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    Bring bacon. Lots of bacon.

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    Look into it more closely.

    A "Pig Party" is where the Good Looking, have to bring an Ugly guest.. The person with the Ugliest guest wins the prize.

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    Maybe peppa pig? Theres lots of peppa pig items.

    Maybe the theme is pig since its the year of the pig (chinese custom)

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