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In the text, "into" means "by or until"?

For Siri, the presence of two competitors made the outlook troubled but not terrible going INTO the fall of 2014

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    There is no single word I can think of as an equivalent. It's a way of referring to a time, as a point and not an ongoing thing.

    It means

    ... not terrible at the beginning of the fall of 2014

    eg. You were riding a train and at one point went INTO a very long tunnel.

    A specific transition point or time, rather than "during" the fall or during the trip through the tunnel, which is a longer event.

    Or, the time you went into your house when you go home.

    Like, the time you started eating your breakfast yesterday; nothing stops or changes at those times, but the meaning is different to how long you were at home or how long you were eating for.

    A point in time.

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    No, it doesn't. The closest equivalent I can think of is 'not terrible as we enter the fall'. By or until mean that whatever it is has finished when fall starts.

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