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Robin asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationHunting · 6 months ago

Australians, do people still hunt kangaroos with the 442 rook?

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  • 6 months ago

    442 Rook? Old black powder cartridge about like .44 Henry, think about .44 S&W or .44 Russian or .44 special round before the .44 mag cartridge. .442 Carbine load of 20 grain 3f pistol powder and 200 to 220 grain bullet in short rifle/carbine barrel . Cowboy Action shooting with .44 Mag rifle or 44-40 moderate loads have 400 to 500 foot pounds of energy 100 yards steel targets knocked down - so that would be usable for small deer in USA, should be good for eating sized Kangaroo in Australia. Australian gun law changes for magazine arms left 'Antiques' and single shot , double barreled shotguns and rifles still legal to use with minimal police hassles. Moderate range shooting at prey species not likely to try to eat you, .44 pistol cartridge would be adequate, .44 Mag cartridge in repeater maybe better so old 'Rook' rifle with old pressure load cartridge should be good enough to get some meat. Round ball load sighted in for 50 meters might be good for rabbits. .

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