What gauge wire for my new amp?

I bought a 2000 Watt amp thag puts out 500 W RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms for my two Rockford fosgate P2s that are 400 W RMS. The amp case with an 8 gauge wire kit, but I was told I might want to upgrade the wire. Can I use the 8 gauge, or would it be a bad idea? Kinda tight on money.. lol

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    An amplifier over 2000 watts needs a 0 gauge power and ground wiring. With 8 gauge wiring, the amplifier will remain in the "protect mode" until you run it with proper electrical wiring.

  • 6 months ago

    If it's fused correctly it will run -- actually, at low to moderate volume it will run fine -- contrary to some advice you've gotten to this point.

    However, at high volume the current demand will exceed what the wire can safely carry. At that point you'll have voltage drop, the amp will run inefficiently and its power output will decrease. Ultimately, the fuse will (SHOULD) blow.

    • N2Audio
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      That's assuming the amp has legitimate power ratings. Many don't. Brand/model info would be helpful.

  • don r
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    6 months ago

    Get the heaviest wire *you can afford*. Why did you pick speakers that were rated to handle 100 rms watts less than the amp's output? Watch out for distortion and excess heat after you put this together. For your homework study OHMs Law and work out your circuit for these speakers so their impedance total doesn't go lower than the amp's stability. Getting the most power out of the amp is not as important as getting the best quality performance- *quality* is the operative. I know people like big numbers, but other things are important too, such as proper designed enclosures, and adequate available power to run it.

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