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Accounting or nursing?

I have been pursuing a nursing degree and even have my cna license but I’m starting to question if it’s right for me. I would be applying for the program this August. I work in a nursing home and have not been thrilled about the job. I know I don’t want to continue working as a cna. I am also on the shy side. I don’t like to start conversations and am more of an introvert. I have been thinking about accounting due to it being less social and it’s been interesting to me. Only i don’t know if it’s a good career to go into. The salary seems to be decent but not as good as nursing. I also don’t want to be doing presentation or too many meetings. I am wondering what your thoughts are on each career.

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    Maybe a different medical setting would be more to your liking? I would try that before changing to a whole different career.

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