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Is it my fault? Do I deserve punishment? Must I really be treated this way?

I work in a fast food restaurant and one night I was feeling really sick. After my shift I told my shift manager to help me find someone to fill my shift the next next day so I don't need to go to the trouble of calling in sick the next day. The rest of the night I caught a fever and it was physically painful for me to even talk.

Fast forward 2 days later I get a text from my boss asking where was I because I was late for my shift. I told her that I talked to my shift manager about it and how she said she'd help me and how I assumed I didn't need to go to work but my boss said I was the one responsible for it and how I can't assume that. She then proceeded to call me (and note that I could barely whisper) and said how it was my fault and went off about how pissed she was about this.

She then ASKED me to still come even though its a food place where I could possibly infect someone else and I was going to break the rules whether I went to work or not (Food safety policy vs dependability/always having to show up no matter what) so I just chose to say I couldn't.

Now she is giving me 2 punishments when I should only be receiving 1 (1st time not showing up is documentation which will possibly affect my future and 2nd is suspension from work. I got both) and this is all over a misunderstanding.

Should I have followed up the next day? Is it really my fault? Do I deserve to be treated this way?


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    This is bad management and a learning situation for you. You should always talk to your boss and not depend on someone else even if they are more senior than you or your on-site manager that day. Your manager, however, should step back and look at what happened and understand this was ll one misunderstanding. A verbal warning is really all that is needed unless you've had other issues. It really sounds like a power trip to me based on your side of the story.

    When you see her again, you should apologize and ask for advice. "Sorry about the misunderstanding. I trusted the shift manager had it handled, but I realize now I should have followed up with you. I'm not one to leave you guys hanging. If I was at all able to have come in I would have, but I was pretty sick. Can you advise if I'm sick in the future like this what I should do in the best interest of you/my co-workers and the customers?" This accomplishes a couple things. You're apologizing. You're making a point that you care (and care enough to discuss it calmly). You're making her feel like she's important by asking for her advice and expertise.

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    Instead of looking for reasons not to work, you should have GONE IN, and made THEM send you home. That way you look like a hero for playing hurt vs. a lazy employee.

    Source(s): 21 years at the same job, called in sick zero times
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    Find a new job my brother u are worth more

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    Screw them, there are MORE JOBS IN THE COUNTRY THAN THERE ARE available workers. Don't list these as references, but list "self employed" (XXXX) Find another job, and don't bother to give notice to the first place. They don't deserve it.

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    You should have made sure the shift manager did find someone to take your place so I think you deserve the 1st punishment. You can't come into work sick, however, so the 2nd seems unreasonable. Since you are suspended anyhow why don't you take this time to look for a new job.

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    You have excellent evidence to make a case against that manager for incompetence. Either go over that manager's head and report this to higher up people, or else you'll just have to live with the manager for the time being.

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    If the shift manager found a replacement and removed you from the schedule, there is no need to call in sick. But it's your responsibility to make sure that happened.

    Apparently, it did not.

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