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Why do birds attack humans for no reason?

Got attacked by a swarm of seagulls resulting in my face being scratched (not badly). My girlfriend laughed when she saw my face.

Has this happened to anyone else of being an unlucky victim to a mob of seagulls?

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    They May have been nesting nearby.

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    6 months ago

    There is always a reason birds attack!

    Birds on the attack means that you are too close to their nest!

    We live in a seaside resort, and my husband left the car to go to the bank, as he walked to the bank a young seagull flew close to him, their parents immediately came down and attacked the back of his neck!! I was sat in the parked car and witnessed the whole scene! It was so funny! But not so funny for my husband who got a nasty BANG on the back of his neck!

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    Birds don't attack anyone or thing without reason. Usually, this is being close enough to nesting areas they feel threatened.

    Growing up, our problem birds were the blue-jays, too close to where they nest, they start by chattering and then swooping you. Sometimes pulling hair out or pecking to the point of drawing blood. They are not mean birds, just protective of their nest.

    Happens with magpies now and then, and those can cause some good injury like crows or raven.

    On the pier, people have fed the pelicans so much they expect it, and ignore them, they can peck at your legs and draw blood. Food is their motivation.

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    They have a reason. You just don't know what it is.

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    sEVERAL REASONS COME TO MIND------------------------------------------

    1 there may be a nest area close.

    2may have young birds in the nest area.

    3there may be eggs present that have not hatched out .

    4might be fledglings about on the ground that are trying to leave the nest area

    5 the birds have there reasons------------------

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    Not been attacked,but a seagull nicked my chips when I was at the beach once,proper dive bombed down and I dived out the way,and as I did the cheeky bugger starting tucking into my chips on the floor,ruthless they are.

  • 6 months ago

    Because they don't like you and you smell.

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