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Why do Alien Abductees frequently report being probed?

It's a common thread with people who report to have been abducted by aliens that they were probed or otherwise sexually violated.

Any clue why the common claim?

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    I guess people imagine that aliens would do medical experiments on them but are limited in their knowledge as to what could be done, so just go for something simple and well known.

    Being probed is probably a shamefully titillating fantasy for some people.

    Also if you are telling your abduction tales for attention, you want to spice it up a bit to keep your audience enthralled.

  • Tom
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    They are being examined by GOVERNMENT AGENTS -----A lot more logical than actual ALIENS, and we know SOMETHING REAL is being done to them, as the reports are too consistent to be simply "made up" AND the Government is the only entity capable of pulling off something at such a large scale.-----------That leaves the question why? Also simple enough to deduce, There was likely an accident (or unethical weapons test) involving toxic, radioactive or biological elements that resulted in many people being exposed.---To avoid public panic or scandal, the operation is being kept SECRET.-------A" stroke of genius" was to have an "alien dummy" or "animatronic" present so people will assume "aliens" should the amnesia drugs wear off.---That would make them reluctant to talk about it. or if they did, not be believed. The "Flaw" in this set-up, however, is that the same dummy was used. The victims describe the SAME "Alien"---which lends an air of TRUTH to their reports, otherwise there would as many different accounts as there are witnesses if they were made up.---This opens the situation to deductive reasoning with results as above. SO, In MY opinion it is a government project to cover up exposure of many people to a hazardous substance and track them. They shoulda used several different alien models so the consistency would not have been so obvious and open their secret to deduction.

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    If we accept that these individuals at least experienced (through their own lens of perspective) something similar to what they describe than I would presume it appears so frequently in such testimonials because it is an extension of one of the key emotions associated with abduction; that is of being violated. Simply by being taken by beings they do not understand and can not overpower is a huge assault on an individuals sense of self and their individual right to freedom as well as their place in the world. Being probed physically would elicit similar feelings and is perhaps a means to simplify complex events and emotions to something simpler like a physical attack. A manifestation of that initial violation.

  • John
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    6 months ago

    Yes. Scientific research must go on and alien species landing here will do many odd things in their research.

    Probing externally exposed cavities like nose mouth gentialia not unusual.

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  • Bill-M
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    6 months ago

    What Science Fiction book are you Reading. There is no such thing as Alien Abductions in the Real World.

    Alien/s (ET) have NEVER visited Earth.

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    I actually kept the one they used on me

    Just sold it on E Bay to an Anonymous Buyer

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    Obviously aliens would want to examine the inner workings of the human body, which they can't do efficiently from the outside for some reason so they must dive in.

    Whether it would be ridiculous or not for creatures that can travel interstellar distances to not have invented a more sophisticated way of exploring than pushing probes into orifices is up to debate.

  • audrey
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    6 months ago

    Because they're all just plain crazy!

  • bubba
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    6 months ago

    because ET has seen us do it to cows and sheep and horse so they think its the normal thing to do when they met us

  • 6 months ago

    it is a fetish they have

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