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What was the strangest thing you've encountered at a highway rest stop?

Everybody knows that rest stops are places where not-so-normal people stop and not-so-normal things occur. My experience is as follows: I was traveling on I55 South in central Illinois heading to St. Louis one day when I encountered a man driving 1970's model Jeep with Alaska plates at a rest stop and I swear the man had what I guessed to be a lynx with a leash on it... He apparently was taking his big cat out to go pee. Very bizarre to say the least.

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    I woke up at a truck stop in Missouri once and saw a guy off loading an elephant from one truck to another, while at the same time a bus full of what looked to be African Christian missionaries, speaking in their own language.

    Turns out the Africans were with some church visiting our country and the elephant was being transported to a zoo. Complete coincidence but at the time I thought I went to sleep in the US and woke up in Africa😂

  • Toruko
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    One 16 wheel livestock carrier bursting through fences and public use

    landscaping with multiple state bears in pursuit. Wailing and honking

    was heard of parked passer-by of the Interstate rest stop well after

    all hazard left the immediate area. A reek of hot rubber lingered.

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    I was driving to Winnipeg from North Dakota in 1994, on the way to a large event. At the rest stop in Grand Forks, after we pulled in, a minivan pulled in, and three people got out of it all wearing shirts that clearly indicated that they were also headed to the same event that we were going to. That was nice.

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    Approaching the women's restroom late one cold snowy night on I-5, overtired from driving all day, and being confronted near the door by a state trooper carrying a rifle who told me not to use that restroom. I didn't. I left immediately.

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    a guy selling frozen pizzas out of the back of his semi-truck trailer

  • bubba
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    people leaving their phone number on the toilet door

  • Anonymous
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    Not sure if I really call this bizzarre but I was traveling with one of my White friends and walked into a restaurant the lady looked surprised to see me but tried to play it off. I walked into the restroom and my friend walks in and does not see me and I heard him ask have you seen a Black guy come through here and I heard her reply, one of them went into the restroom and it made me laugh like she was describing a bird or something flying into the restaurant.

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