What length is x denoting in this theorem/ property? Unclear explanation..?

In a triangle ABC, x = |b^2 -c^2|/2a.

I dont know why I cant see the option for uploading an image, I ll try to figure that out. Its a triangle with the altitude and median drawn into it on one side, while the 2 make a right angled triangle together and x ... is I dunno probably the base of that triangle??

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    5 months ago
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    |AB| = c, |BC| = a, |CA| = b, |HD| = x, |DC| = a/2, |AH| = h, |AD| = v,

    Use the pythagorean theorem on the right triangles ABH and AHC:

    h² + (a/2 – x)² = c²,

    h² + (a/2 + x)² = b².

    Subtracting top from bottom simplifies to

    2ax = b² – c².

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    The pic, sorry

    Property 6

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    i have no idea bro, best advice i can give you is try to ask a teacher or someone that can help you. :(

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