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How do retired baseball players stay rich?

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    They find ways to do its and some get into coaching or broadcasting, which I am sure makes them really good money, nbo of corse the ones that get into coaching they won't make as much as the manager does in less they became the manger at some point. And some just might be studio analysts for stations like FOX or ESPN . Plus I am sure that they have to save their money so they don't work themselves into spending more money then they have.

  • Nick
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    6 months ago

    Public speaking, pension, jobs in the organization, etc.

  • 6 months ago

    Same way trustfund babies do, by hiring wealth managers and financial advisors.

    You could live off the interest from 5M pretty comfortably too.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Public speaking and smart investing.

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  • 6 months ago

    Public speaking

  • Kelly
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    6 months ago

    Professional athletes often stay rich the same way regardless of their sport (MLB, NBA, NFL, etc)

    Investing their money wisely and they also get pension checks. A lot of side ventures such as businesses they own or investing and endorsements they've done and do past their professional career. Many also do public speaking.

    Some work as sports casters and do other careers after they retire. Look at Michael Strayhan and Alex Rodriquez as examples. Both are retired from their respective sport. Alex works for Fox sports as an analyst/commentator, plus he gets a pension from the MLB. Michael Strahan is a television host with both abc and cbs, game show host, has a men's fashion line, he's done appearances on tv shows and movies.

    Not MLB but I work with a guy who is retired from the NBA. While he was in the NBA he finished his education to be a teacher and he's a teacher and a high school coach now. He has plenty of money, he does this because he wants to. He teaches science.

    A lady I bowl with her son is retired from the NFL. He invested his money very well, has some side businesses and does a lot of speaking engagements. He also gives back to the community, the school district I work for.. he pays for lunch for all the kids and also pays all the kids' sports fees.

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