I bought a Yamaha YPT-400 keyboard from my friend and I want to use the midi capability but I need help?

So it's kinda a long story but basically I bought this keyboard from my friend and she told me it's super old and she could never get the MIDI to work. But I thought I am good at figuring this sort of thing out so I figured I could do it. I got the MIDI to USB cable and connected it to my MacBook Air expecting to be able to use it with GarageBand. That didn't work so I did some research and found that maybe this keyboard wasn't compatible with Mac OS. So I ran bootcamp on my Mac to be able to run Windows 10. I got that working and tried to connect my keyboard with the USB cable. I got it connected and I have had better success with it, but I have no software to use for MIDI on Windows and I don't know what will work with this old keyboard. I want to get software like GarageBand for Windows but that's not really possible. I need help finding software I can use that works with this keyboard and Windows 10. Please help me!

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    2 years ago
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    those "to USB" connectors don't work unless you have software that supports it.

    even printers which use USB need drivers to work properly.

    what you need is a MIDI capture box, which uses USB, but also comes with capture software (and drivers).

    they aren't as cheap as those adaptors, but work much better.

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    There was a mode for music creation that came with the software for Creative X-Fi sound cards; the others were entertainment and gaming.

    Since such software used to come with sound cards, I hope you'll keep looking.


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    Good luck.

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