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Should I be concerned living with a person who has HIV?

I live with my parents. My dad is a drug addict. And my mom is sexually active with him.

He looks terrible. I’m just assuming he has HIV. But what are the chances I’ll get it too? I know you need to “share needles” or have sexual intercourse to get it transmitted but that seems very broad?

I’m pretty careful. But we share the same bathroom, living space, kitchen etc. should I move out? Recommendations? How careful do you have to be around someone who has HIV?

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    Maybe find out if he actually has HIV first? Concerns over unknown are counterproductive. Just use common sense.

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    Transmission requires direct contact with biological fluids (sexual fluids, saliva, blood, etc). Even in a hospital situation, the staff don't need to take any extraordinary precautions when dealing with an HIV patient, so you should be fine.

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    you should probably find somewhere else to live regardless

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    That does not mean he has HIV.

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