Hey so what do y'all think of ring home security?

So Ive had trouble with people stealing **** like my grandfathers 90$ a pill leukimia medication. at this point so many medication has been stolen he's hanging on by a thread and wakes up screaming most nights in absoluut despair and panic crying that if the next shipment doesn't come in he will die. he already has described his body as "rotting from the inside out".

Now i recently saw an add for ring where a package thief pick up a package but got scared of by the homeowner yelling "put that down" through the ring speaker. I thought it worth a shot and decided to buy ring. to my suprise, the next package that got delivered someone tried to steal while I was doing groceries. so with the ring app I yell "put that down!". the guy looks into the ring camere and just ******* kicks it off and takes it too.

anyway my grandfathers fukcing dead

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  • Stoo
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    That's because you're too stupid to realize you can pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, which is probably pretty damn close to where you're shopping for groceries.

    Or you're a troll.

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