Mya asked in SportsRunning · 6 months ago

Could I make the varsity track team?

I m going to be a freshman next year and this summer I m on a track team to get my mile time down. My main focus in track is the mile. What s considered a good time for a mile for a 14 year old girl?

PR: 6:30

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  • 6 months ago

    Talk to the coach. Get a training plan for the summer.

    If your school has a fall cross country program, consider joining it, and working out with the runners over the summer. If your school has a winter track program, join that, too.

    Whether you make the varsity team or not may depend on local circumstances. If you are in a large school, in which several girls join the track team, you will have more competition to make varsity. If you are at a small school, you have a good chance of making the varsity team.

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