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Used/New Bike Frames?

Does anyone know a good place to get used or new bike frames. I'm wanting to build a gravel/cross/all road bike but I can't find anything that's either in my budget or what I would like. I don't necessarily need carbon aluminum will do but finding a decent frame to build up is becoming a challenge. I'm not so sure about eBay


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    How much of the rest of the bike do you already have? If you are starting from scratch and you have a limited budget(how much is it?), building is going to cost more than buying a complete bike. I have built many bikes, most of the ones I have owned in the past 20 years were built up from a bare frame. However, every time I built a bike I already had at least 80% of the components on hand before I started. For several of them, I had access to either prime quality used parts or to the same discounts that bike manufacturers get buying direct from component companies. If you are looking to buy a frame, and then gradually buying the parts to make it into a bike without spending more than a complete bike would cost you should plan on spending most of the next year shopping around.

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    I found an old Guerciotti road bike at a thrift store for $100 and replaced the tires with Gravel Kings. A really fun bike on dirt roads or paved.

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    I often get boxes of cheap photo frames and picture frames at yard sales. Probably much the same I guess

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    Building a bike can be great fun, but unless you have a serious stash of parts, and/or are VERY good at bargain hunting, expect it to be (far more) expensive than buying a complete bike.

    There are plenty of online retailers who'd be happy to sell you a brand new frame. For buying used, well, there's no secret website for for bike frames. Might want to look for a Bike Kitchen/Bike Co-Op nearby to pick up an object.

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    why not ebay? I'm currently selling one (in Germany, so I doubt you're interested).

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    Here's a frame proportions calculator that can let you know the general area of what you need in a frame size.

    Try going to a reputable bicycle shop. Who knows maybe you're very wealthy. There they can help you get the frame you desire and the parts to do your build with.

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    First you would need to explain what your budget is. And I hope the sky is the limit. A Surly Cross Check frame (4130 chromoly) is $500. That's for a STEEL frame.

    Now toss in tires, wheels, the cassette, brakes, the chain, a crankset, saddle, seat-post, etc. You're probably looking at MORE than what it would cost to buy a new one already to go at a local bike shop. My advice is to either find a gently used bike or shop closeout sales. Example: if by some slim chance you need a 56 cm frame size, here's a 2018 Masi CXGR from Erik's Bike & Board for $849.99. A complete 'entry level' CX Bike with disc brakes for under $1,000. UNREAL! 😲

    This is where I found mine several years ago on a closeout $ALE for $600 - a 2013 Masi CX Comp. Original list price was $1,000. I added the Brooks B17 saddle & Brooks handlebar wrap.

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