What are the seven kingdoms in Game of Thrones? What noble houses are they?

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    The Seven Kingdoms are Cittàgazze, Gondor, Narnia, Neverland, Oz, Wonderland and Pennsylvania and the noble houses are

    Cittàgazze - House Belacqua, whose seat is at Castle Pantalaimon - their crest is a Pine Marten

    Gondor - House Dúnadan, whose seat is Castle Strider - their crest is a Bear.

    Narnia - House Pevensie, whose seat is Cair Paravel - their crest is a Lion.

    Neverland - House Darling, whose seat is Pirate Cove - their crest is a Jolly Roger.

    Oz - House Gale, whose seat is Emerald City - their crest is a Cairn Terrier.

    Wonderland - House Liddell, whose seat is the House of Cards - their crest is a White Rabbit.

    Pennsylvania - House Travis, whose seat is a double wide trailer off of State Route 56 between the methadone clinic and the dollar store - their crest is a Confederate Battle Flag.

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