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Joining the swim team for the first time as a senior. Any tips or advice?

I have never swam competitively before, and I’m not a strong swimmer to begin with. But I know good swimmers that can help me train (my aunt was on the US dive team). The season starts this August, so I have a month to train. I have a pool in my backyard and plan to swim every day for about an hour so I can build up the strength that I’m lacking. My pool isn’t open yet but it should be soon. I’m inexperienced and also very nervous, but I convinced my friend to do it with me so that gives me a little extra motivation. I decided to do this because I need to be more athletically involved and it is a good way to increase my chances of getting accepted into a college or being granted a scholarship. And I know this is going to be tough, and to be honest I don’t know if I will be able to do it. But I know what the right thing to do is and I’m not going to let my lack of self confidence stop me from doing it. But yeah, I basically wrote out my entire situation and I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice. Or if there’s anything I should know before joining the team

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  • 3 months ago

    Join. Then we have the chance of you drowning and never having to read your rude, clueless, snotty teenager comments again.

    • Isabella3 months agoReport

      MY comments are rude? You’re funny

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    You would do better to train in a much bigger pool. Probably a public pool to build up endurance,

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