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Gonzo asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 6 months ago

Do you think Israel has America by the balls?

most likely

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago
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    I don't know.

    Most of the Congressmen do not like Israel's expansionist policies and illegal settlements. Now they openly talking about annexing West Bank.

    But people are afraid to speak up. Omar and Rashida tried to bring up the issue and did you see how they were suppressed ?

    UN condemns Israel's policies. But Israel is fearless because it has official US support.

  • Robert
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    6 months ago

    Hello Gonzo / Anonymous,

    I refer to the question / so-called “best” answer.

    In his answer Anon wrote:

    “Israel’s expansionist policies”.

    My response:

    There is no evidence of any such “expansionist policies” and the contributor typically-provides: Zero objective-evidence.

    Their allegation is reverse-fact, because the “Palestinian” Arabs gained autonomy under the Oslo Accords of 40% of the West Bank and all of Gaza, since when the Palestinians claim ALL the land of Israel.

    Anon wrote:

    “illegal settlements”.

    My response:

    The whole rationale of alleged “illegality” in relation to Israeli home-building / “settlements” is illogical and should not be accepted on its face value. Since the “Palestinian” Arabs arrived after the Jews, this makes the Arabs the settler-colonists.

    Under the Oslo Accords Israel retains full control over Area C of the West Bank (due to Palestinian breach of the Accords in failing to stop hostile acts), and in which are the Israeli homes (“settlements”) permitted under the Accords.

    The Israeli homes (“settlements”) are within the ancestral homeland of the Jewish People and are PERMITTED under the Oslo Accords. They are NOT illegal, even though international organisations and their structures make alleged legal-determinations against Israel, based purely on political-bias.

    The Oslo Accords do NOT prohibit building of Israeli homes (“settlements”) in Area C of the West Bank, but while the Palestinians actively seek conflict and not peace the Palestinians are not entitled to any rights under Oslo, and so in any event the Israelis are fully entitled to build such homes.

    Fully-complicit with Palestinian propaganda denying Jewish roots in the Jews ancestral homeland of Israel, both the United Nations and the European Union falsely-treat the Jewish People as “invaders”, and so also as “thieves” and “illegal-occupiers” of the Jews OWN land (all the areas of land being of the prior Jewish kingdoms of Judea / Israel), likewise illogically of building “illegal-settlements” there, and with Palestinian terrorism regarded as “resistance to occupation”.

    Map of Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea including the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights, with its capital (of what is now EAST Jerusalem aka the “Old City”) of Jerusalem, and independent as at 110 BCE / 753 BH–752 BH:


    The “Palestinian” Arabs falsely-allege Israeli Jews all came from Europe; some Jews being returnee-exiles. Yet the Jewish People are indigenous to their ancestral homeland of Israel, with unbroken presence from Biblical times:


    Anon wrote:

    “they openly talking about annexing West Bank”.

    My response:

    Since there is no such Israeli proposal, to what could Anon be referring when he deliberately-vaguely uses the word: “they”?

    Could he be referring to a recent comment by the United States ambassador to Israel, David M. Friedman (from which the quote does not use the word: “annex”):

    - - - - Start of extract: - - - -

    “Under certain circumstances,” Mr. Friedman said, “I think Israel has the right to retain some, but unlikely all, of the West Bank.”


    - - - - End of extract - - - -

    Perhaps the ambassador’s view may be seen in the light of the following:

    1) The “Palestinian” Arabs tricked Israel into the Oslo Accords as the Accords were intended to lead to sincere negotiations for a peace treaty with the Palestinians to cease hostile action. But instead, thereafter the Palestinians claim ALL the land of Israel, waging war against Israeli Jewish civilians including children - see the “Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund” (below). Since the Palestinians are in breach of the Oslo Accords, Israel is therefore no longer bound by them, and the “Palestinian” Arabs have no right to retain any part of the land of Israel which includes the West Bank.

    2) The West Bank being land of prior Jewish sovereign states - see source above for the Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea which included the West Bank.

    Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund:

    - - - - Start of extract: - - - -

    “The Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund is a fund operated by the Palestinian Authority for the purpose of paying a monthly cash stipend to the families of Palestinians killed, injured or imprisoned for involvement in attacking, assisting in attacking, or planning to attack Israel ...”


    - - - - End of extract - - - -

    The “Palestinian Authority” (which together with the P.L.O. pays the terrorism reward-“Pension” of their “Martyrs Fund”, and also funds “Hamas”) is itself funded by the “European Union”.

    While there is no evidence that Israel targets civilians, the “Palestinian” Arabs are addicted to ethnic-hatred of Jews and target Israeli Jewish civilians as policy. The Palestinians cynically whitewash their anti-Jewish hate-war as: “uprising”, “defence”, “desperation”, “struggle”, “resistance”.

    Here is an example result from the Palestinian on-going anti-Jewish hate-war:

    Israeli girl, Hallel Yaffa Ariel, aged 13, fatally stabbed in her bedroom in West Bank by a Palestinian terrorist, June 30, 2016, The Guardian:


    Anon wrote:

    “people are afraid to speak up. [Congresspersons] Omar and Rashida tried to bring up the issue and did you see how they were suppressed ?”

    My response:

    Anon typically insults the reader’s intelligence by providing for his falsehoods:

    No detail, zero objective-evidence.

    Anon also wrote:

    “UN condemns Israel’s policies.”

    My response:

    What happened to anti-Semitism following the end of the Nazi genocide of Jews?: It became institutionalized within both the “United Nations” and “European Union”.

    The United Nations and its structures have for many years been dominated by its built-in anti-Israel bias, comprising a block-vote of up to 56 Arab and additional Islamic-aligned countries (e.g. U.N. member states that are also members of the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation”), plus the influence of Arab oil money; compared to Israel being just one country.

    How does the built-in U.N. pro-Arab block-vote work:

    For example, in the France 24 interview of December 11, 2017 with President Mahamadou Issoufou of the Republic of the Niger, he was asked for his country’s stance on the recognition by the United States of America that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

    He replied (English version): “Well, as you know, Niger is ... a member of the Islamic Cooperation movement [“Organization of Islamic Cooperation”] ...”.

    Subsequently, Niger was one of the countries which voted for the December 21, 2017 U.N. [non-binding] Resolution ES-10/L.22, declaring the U.S. recognition of the status of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to be “null and void”; thus clearly attempting to violate the right of the U.S. to make its own sovereign decisions.

    United Nations polices are fully-complicit with Palestinian propaganda denying Jewish roots in the land of Israel, treating the Jewish People as “invaders” of their own ancestral homeland - see above.

    In United Nations General Assembly votes on the Arab / Israel dispute, a requirement for a Two-Thirds Majority is often invoked, to prevent a U.N. vote passing in favor of Israel:


    Resolutions on Israel by the Arab-dominated U.N. give the appearance of having been drafted for the U.N. by Palestinian-Propaganda-Central in Ramallah. On the following website the reader can learn about Palestinian propaganda that seeks to replace the history of Jewish presence in the Jewish People’s ancestral homeland of Israel, with a fake Arab history, with which the Arab-dominated United Nations is now fully-complicit:


    U.N. Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel bias - “The U.N. and Israel: Key Statistics from UN Watch”:


    Thus the reader is entitled to consider that the U.N.’s many anti-Israel resolutions carry zero moral weight.

    I hope this helps.


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    • Robert
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      A notice on this website states: "This site is protected by reCAPTCHA..." Consider: Is this "reCAPTCHA harassment" (every time the "Submit" answer button is clicked) really the website-protection and the normal user-experience that Oath / Yahoo Answers intends for its users?

  • GTB
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    6 months ago

    If you feel this is "most likely" why are you asking this question in this forum?

  • 6 months ago

    They have help. The GOP and Mr. Trump is contributing to the downsizing and detriment of this nation. If we want to save America vote them all out of office and stop paying them to treat us like shiit.

    • Robert
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      6 months agoReport

      The Palestinian Authority (funded by the European Union) which funds Hamas, uses its Foreign Aid to reward terrorism:

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I think it's a lot more complex than that. To me Israel is basically just a big geopolitical ethnostate military base. Israel like the un is just part of American imperialism. The problem with empires is they all end up collapsing as maintaining a global empire is unsustainable

    • Robert
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      6 months agoReport

      Contributor Taylor also wrote: "The problem with empires ...a global empire": > Perhaps he may inform us together with objective-sources, as to what "empire" he may be referring.

  • Mimi
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    6 months ago

    No, but I'd say that the ACLU, NAACP and Planned Parenthood own the Democratic leaders of America.

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