I hate being a nurse?!?

I’m grateful for my education and enjoy helping others but it takes to me from ME. Holidays, weekends and never having a break. Dealing with crappy Drs and all the responsibilities. I don’t enjoy it and I’ve tried different aspects and still don’t enjoy it. My passion is music and song writing but I honestly don’t know how to persue it . Any advice

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  • 6 months ago

    There are other things you can do with that experience- work for the health department, do private duty, hospice, work for an insurance company or home care provider, or be a floater for a school system. You could even work for a veterinarian on the desk, and maybe even take classes to get your CVT so you could do veterinary work.

    You could also do private infant care, care for a kid with medical issues, specialized respite care...or in home pet care or work at a zoo, if you really wanted to do something else.

    Look around at the possibilities, and think a little outside the box. You have skills that can be built upon or transferred.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    me too and im not even a nurse

  • 6 months ago

    I used to hate being a nurse too. Then I found school nursing. I love the kids, the job, the hours, and all of the holiday breaks, not to mention-Summer Break!!

  • GB
    Lv 5
    6 months ago

    Why not just stick to agency nursing? Then you can choose when to work.

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  • 6 months ago

    Lot of jobs requires to work holidays and weekends. You should get a job in a different place. I’m also a nurse and I work in a senior facility, is smooth and I have plenty flexibility in my schedule. You can also try working at a plastic surgery place or schools etc, there’s more out there than the hospital rush.

  • 6 months ago

    So quit. If you think you can support yourself with a music career, go for it. No one wants a nurse who hates their job anyway, that isn't helping anyone.

  • edward
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    ...you are working in the wrong hospital if you don’t have a break and HAVE TO deal with mean doctors...you do realize that doctors are dead in the water without us right? I never stood for it when i was triage, i don’t stand for it now. Where the hell is your boss? They should be following the respectful workplace policy.

  • 6 months ago

    Ya that sucks I probably have to be a janitor for the rest of my life... I really wanted to be a soldier my whole life but I grew up in an environment that was not healthy and I didn't understand certain choices lead to consequences so that'll probably never happen now. You can try so hard and have it all not matter because of. (Society) kinda makes me want to become an anarchist but another part of me wants to be able to help other people so that they can achieve their dreams even though it's likely I cannot. (I'm crying writing this)

    • Rosalie
      Lv 7
      6 months agoReport

      Perhaps you could be a volunteer with Big Brother or the Boys and Girls Club, and teach kids about making good choices in life? There are a lot of ways to fulfill your dreams, and most people don't end up where they thought they'd be.

  • zeno
    Lv 6
    6 months ago

    Yes become a elderly assistant to pay the

    Bills. Then outline what music you like the

    Most and listen to some of it as you help

    The elderly during the week. On the week

    End slowly put together so music lyrics or

    Notes that resonate with you. Music should

    Be very private and made by only one person

    So it flows smoothly as they made it. Just

    Look at the music of the carpenters and

    The guy who wrote the music for the

    Group Boston. Mr carpenter put the entire

    Song together with his sister but most of

    It was his insight and skills. Same worth the

    Music from Boston. It was all created by

    One man in his private studio. Good luck

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    So quit and live under the interstate.

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