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How soon can you fall in love with someone? Is 2 weeks too soon?

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  • Janet
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    5 months ago
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    It takes an emotionally-healthy female 6 MONTHS to decide if she loves the guy.

    I takes an emotionally-healthy male 1 YEAR to decide if he loves the girl.

    The sooner than that, the le ss-able the person is for making a relationship last... and the more they are in love with being infatuated.

    The more they are in love with being "in love", which is not love at all, which never lasts, and which predicts relationship failure rather than relationship success.

    We never end up happier in a long-term relationship than we were happy BEFORE the relationship. So when we fall "in love" too quickly it is because we are unhappy, and hope the other person can "fix" us.

    But that never works. No relationship is perfect, and when the newness wears off, the problems start. And when the problems start, the less happy you WERE and the more you HOPE the other person will "fix" you, the more miserable you will become WITH them .. and the relationship falls apart.

    Love is not excitement or desire or wanting or being happy around the other person. These emotions are infatuation, and a preoccupation with OUR happiness. Which is not love at all .. it is selfishness borne out of unhappiness.

    Actual love won't even begin to grow until you have been living with the other person a few years, and it is a choice to BE kind, patient, loving, respectful ... even when you are upset with them and even when the relationship goes through one of those stages where it just seems dead and unrewarding and you cannot for the life of you remember WHY you ever wanted the person.

    But you continue BEING loving to them, and your caring for them comes back.

    It takes about 20 years to learn how to be happy in a marriage, and most people never do figure it out. They get divorced instead. Or they get divorced BEFORE they mature enough to make it a happy marriage.

    BTW, love at first sight is merely your subconscious recognizing their subconscious signals, as someone who will mirror your own buried pain and bring it out. This is why psychologists say that the stronger the chemistry is in the beginning, the worse the relationship is going to be.

    Real love starts out very slowly and gently.

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    5 months ago

    Love can be at first sight or may take some time to build, depends on the person.

  • tony
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    5 months ago

    2 weeks is infatuation cause u got to get to know a person hon.maybe you're just feeling all of those f*cking awesome butterflies we get when we first fall someone.Maybe you can have a crush on them. Maybe you can be infatuated. But love? no.... They could stop calling tomorrow, and three weeks will be a fling. , but you still should be honest with the fact that you’re feeling something. That maybe, just maybe, you’re falling. You should acknowledge it and admit it and take the risk and try to offer them your heart. Even if they fumble it, because then you can pick it back up and mend its bruised ego and try again.

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