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Would you support a Constitutional amendment to prosecute people holding political office if they don't uphold our laws?


Every oath of office for any position clearly demands a promise the office holder will uphold our laws, Constitution and won't be a traitor. Looks like the Dems forgot they took an oath.

Update 2:

Would seem that Democrats and some misguided Republicans are throwing our Constitution on the ground. Sanctuary Cities is just one of the ways this discordance is taking place.

Update 3:

How can the rule of law be followed if Democrats think they can make up charges and then go after someone with no proof and no evidence, but refuse to do anything to all the lawbreaking their party members do?

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    So, I am definitely of the belief that the US needs a couple things along these lines.

    1) There needs to be a SEPARATE part of the government responsible for investigating the government.

    For example, just to explain the sort of thing I'm thinking of, not that any of these details are mandatory, break off the GAO, give it investigatory and prosecutorial and subpoena power and make it's head an independent three member body appointed by the RUNNER-UP of the last Presidential election, and the minority in both houses of congress. In other words, consisting of those NOT IN POWER. They could be removed by supermajorities.

    The budget for this organization would be expressed as a percentage of the size of the executive bureaucracy. It's job is to investigate all political and govt crimes and oversteps of power.

    2) Hold individuals, not organizations accountable

    Look at the Lois Lerner situation. She and her co-workers engaged in manipulation of the election by using their office to sideline major opposition party groups during the 2012 election. She was never held to any account, nor was any serious investigation ever undertaken. We know this because the victim groups were NEVER APPROACHED for evidence or testimony...which is pretty much the first step in any investigation.

    Lois Lerner should be serving a LONG prison sentence. Her bosses should be serving prison sentences. Yet all we got was the IRS being a little embarassed and issuing a half-hearted apology. I don't mean to pick on just this situation, but this happens all the time in both parties. When you abuse your power or break the law in government, the PEOPLE need to pay the price. Not a fine paid by the agency or a little PR flak. Because individual employees aren't affected by that. No accountability for individuals is the same as encouraging it to happen again.

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    No need for that because any office holder can be prosecuted. There is a DOJ memo that tells the department not to indict a sitting president because he has too much to worry about and doesn't have the time to fight a law suit. That is not law. Congress did not pass any such law, There is nothing in the Constitution that is the basis of the DOJ memo. That means any prosecutor can indict Trump and there is nothing to stop him except the DOJ administrators. They can fire the prosecutor for violating that memo, but he may be able to sue and claim that the memo is not constitutional. If that happens, and it has not happened yet, then the federal court and perhaps the Supreme Court can decide whether it is unjustified or constitutional. William DisBarr is not going to violate that policy either.

    In fact Senator Bob Menendez had to stand trial and a Congressman from California has been indicted As for not upholding the law, for example, for declaring an illegal national emergency so as to divert funds from the military, that can be settled in federal courts by them deciding whether it is constitutional or not. No need to put anyone behind bars for an inadvertent mistake or a mistake out of ignorance of the Constitution.

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    Every president has broken the law in some form. The whole Oath thing is nothing more then just a traditional ceremony, and nothing more. That fact is, that sometimes laws have to be broken in order for things to change, even for the better.

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