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So now my complaint for my bike when I change my front gear like the chain comes off when I just keep pedaling why is that?

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    So it appears that you bought your bike from ***** sporting goods, which I assume is Dick's sporting goods. If this gets censured, I will tell you that my name is Dick which is also the name of the sports store. How absurd that having the name Dick results in censure in this forum. If you are having problems with your chain falling off a chainring, you have to take it back to Dick's and have the the front derailleur adjusted. If your Dick's store cannot do it, then ask that they bring in another mechanic from another Dick's store to fix the problem

    • Mtrlpqbiker
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      It was meant to be funny, but the message was also clear. The store where you bought the bike should be able to correct the chain drop problem

  • Jon
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    Either the front mech is misadjusted or either the chain or the cogs are worn.

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    Didn't you just buy your bike a few weeks ago? I forget where though. If purchased through a REAL bike shop & even some sporting goods stores, it's under WARRANTY! Take it back & they will adjust the front derailleur for FREE. If not...a bike shop might charge $10 to $15 to adjust it. During the first few weeks, ALL BIKES need a tune-up and/or check-up during the break in period. It's natural for brake & shift cables to stretch a tad. Others might argue it's not the cable stretching - it's the cable housing that compresses. Either way, the result is the same.

    If you insist on tackling the job yourself, please store this link under "favorites" on your web browser. https://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help

    It could be nothing but a simple barrel nut adjustment. Find that barrel nut & with the chain on the lowest gear up front, turn counter-clockwise a turn or two. This will add more pressure or tighten the cable slightly. Anything more than that and consult this link... https://www.parktool.com/blog/repair-help/front-de...

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