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Can someone help me please before I go jump off a cliff?

I can’t do it anymore. I’m on this soccer team, and let’s say I’m complete trash. Even the newbies do better than me. I literally make the team do worse. I scored in our goal, I passed the ball to our opposing sides, and I can’t do nothing when someone passes the ball to me. I honestly make the team lose every time. And I try to practice to make myself better. But, no, I don’t improve. Everyone else is, but me. I feel like quitting the team, but I never quit. Can someone help me? I feel like jumping off a cliff every time my team loses because of me. I know it’s me, some of the kids even mouth bad stuff about me. I can’t handle their rude comments, and it really gets to me because I know it’s true. And, no one say it’s a team effort. I get how sometimes the whole team is responsible, but for this I’m the problem. I didn’t show up/ was a bench warmer for a few games, and my team won each time. What do I do? I feel like trash and don’t have motivation to practice anymore.

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    I presume you are not on a club team or you would have been invited to leave. If you are in a general league like AYSO, the teams are (theoretically) balanced so that there are good players and bad players on each team. Your job is to improve and you can do that by practicing in your back yard, trying to hit a post or a cone by hitting the ball with the INSIDE of your shoe. The best players on the team are not going to get better, so the team that does well is the team where the worst players start to get a little better. That is you.

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    Talk to your coach or take up a different sport.

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    U need to see a therapist or get counseling about this

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    Why not just tell the one in charge you want to leave. If so many are against you, they should make then happier.

    Who could force you to be there?

    Pray to GOD for the extra strength and courage you need!

    With GOD also comes real LOVE!

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      That was great encouragement dude

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