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Bluetooth enabled speakers and projectors?

Can a set of Bluetooth / wireless enabled speakers link to a Bluetooth / wireless enabled home entertainment projector or is it only for things like phones, laptops, Etc? Thanks

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    If you have a projector that has a bluetooth audio transmitter, usually yes. After finding a projector with BT audio, your next problem will be the delay - bluetooth takes a little time for encoding, transmitting and decoding. Enough, usually, to get the sound notiecably out of sync with the video. Home A/V systems that are intended to be used with bluetooth speakers usually have enough leeway in the audio/video sync setting to compensate for that - but no guarantees that this will work with your specific setup.

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    No. NEVER send sound to the projector. Sound should go from the source directly to the audio amplifier.

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    Projectors should not need Bluetooth.

    Don't pass the audio through the projector.

    A separate audio system is de rigeur for decent sound anyway.

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    The hat trick is finding a decent bluetooth enabled projector in the first place, since projectors are just a form of monitor to start with. Usually any sound ability is either provided by a built in speaker for road warrior use, or the unit would just expect you to use your receiver, or sources sound outputs.

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