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When wearing shorts, do guys look better wearing no show socks or ankle socks with sneakers?

I'm a guy that likes to wear sneakers with shorts in the summer because I walk a lot during warm weather. I heard no show socks look best with shorts because it gives the appearance of not wearing socks, which looks more appropriate when the weather is hot. But the thing is, all no show socks slip into my shoe where either half the sock comes off inside my shoe or my heel is exposed and gets blistered from the shoe. Either way, no show socks are annoying and don't work well for me. So, I'd rather wear ankle socks since they don't have that problem. However, ankle socks are more exposed and don't give the sockless look like no show socks do.

So, do no show socks look ok on guys when they wear shorts or do they look much better wearing no show socks? If the latter, then I may have to train myself to wear no show socks.

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    Don't wear any socks at all, You don't really need them this time of year anyway.

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