Computer will not boot with new ram?

Hp pavilion p6531p Windows 7 ultimate. Computer has 3 identical sticks of the Samsung ram. When I add the Kingston ram into the 4th slot, display does not get a signal. No beeps, fans are spinning. I’ve rearranged and re seated the ram every way possible, also trying just the new ram, also one at a time, nothing works. I’ve updated bios, removed cmos battery for about 5 minutes to no avail. Is this ram not compatible with my system?? Any help appreciated. Thanks

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  • 8 months ago
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    2 possibilities..

    #1 there is a general rule that all the RAMs plugged-in must be at the same frequency (hertz or Hz), exact size, and exact make and model.. if you mix 2 different brands (Samsung and Kingston) on the same motherboard - you will have 80% chance of failure..

    and even if you manage to get ALL Samsung RAMs into all 4 slots of your motherboard, the computer may not boot-up if one RAM stick is not the exact size, frequency, or model to the rest of the RAM sticks..

    this is why people often trade entire sets of RAM sticks over eBay..

    mixing brands (Samsung and Kingston) simply will not work in 80% of the time..

    so you have few options:

    - take out the new RAM and run the PC on the old RAMs (i presume it would work)..

    - buy the RAM sets that are completely identical.. if you choose to have ALL Samsung RAMs or ALL Kingston, then you need to search online (on eBay or Amazon) for the exact size and model of each other..

    for example..

    from the picture, i assume that you already have 3 SAMSUNG 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333Hz (PC3 10600) Desktop model part M378B5673FH0-CH9..

    so if you want to complete the set, then you need to search for "Samsung M378B5673FH0-CH9" on eBay or Amazon.. and make sure that it is for desktops at 2GB of size and at max frequency/speed of 1333 Hz..

    #2 your motherboard cannot and will not support the new Kingston RAM..

    so you have Hp pavilion p6531p of which according to the official website:

    it uses H-RS880-uATX (Aloe) motherboard that only support speeds of 1333Hz and 1066Hz.. anything less or more will be rejected by the motherboard completely..

    also; it only excepts DDR3 RAMs with 240 pins, which is not a bad thing in 2019 but there are RAMs that run at much faster frequencies and with incompatible plugs..

    unfortunately, i can NOT read any details on the Kingston RAM in the picture that you have posted (unlike your Samsung RAM).. if that model of Kingston RAM is NOT in the list of supported RAMs then there is no way that the Kingston RAM would work on your motherboard..

    and to test this theory, take out all the RAMs on the motherboard and leave only the one Kingston RAM plugged in (at slot #1), if the motherboard refuses to boot normally on one Kingston RAM without the Samsung RAMs, then there is no way that particular model of Kingston will run on your motherboard..

    btw.. before giving up on your Kingston RAM stick, make sure you reset the BIOS or the motherboard, by temporarily removing the CMOS battery and putting it back after a minute.. sometimes, a motherboard needs a kick in the pants before accepting changes in the RAM memory..

    according to H-RS880-uATX (Aloe) motherboard manual.. the motherboard can only support 1GB, 2GB or 4GB RAM at each slot with the maximum total of 16GB from all 4 slots.. so if the Kingston RAM stick, you have, is 8GB or 16GB size, then it would be physically impossible to work on your motherboard - unless you replace the motherboard which is a big hassle..

    as i said.. i cannot read any details for the Kingston RAM in your shared picture (bad quality picture)..

    #3 insufficient power supply - which is unlikely and the 2 above guesses are the most probable cause.. having an additional 1.5V additional RAM may cause power-supply insufficiency to the entire system (it could be the final straw that broke the camel's back) - but again it is unlikely since power supply shortages occur when adding bigger devices, like adding more Hard disks and adding more demanding graphic cards..

    and finally..

    i am guessing that you already have 3 of 2GB Samsung sticks with the total of 6GB which is not bad in 2019 although many newer games require 8GB of RAM minimum.. very rarely games would require more than 8GB unless you in the habit of opening multiple apps on Windows at the same time..

    if you run heavy graphic and heavy video editing apps you will need all the 16GB of maximum RAM power in your system.. but in 2019, 6GB covers most games, and 8GB will cover many newer games - assuming that the motherboard fulfills other system requirements such as the minimum processor speed and minimum GPU requirements..

    if you aim to improve the speed of your system.. consider adding a new SSD to your system and transfer your Windows 7 on the SSD.. you will significantly appreciate the speed-bump that an SSD would offer, far more than adding a RAM would do..

    all the best

  • 8 months ago

    Wrong RAM, go to the manufacturers website, and check for the correct RAM.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Yes, it's not compatible. If you can't get the system to boot with just that one stick of Kingston memory installed then it's just not compatible with either the Memory controller or the BIOS. What I'm not sure of is if the Kingston stick isn't playing well with the Samsung memory or if the Kingston memory is not compatible with the system.

    HP and these other Big companies like Dell are NOT known for doing a good job of writing the Firmware and this makes Memory compatibility an issue. You have go the extra mile with doing whatever research you need to do in order to find compatible RAM for a prebuilt system. Normally, you would want to find a stick that's the same as the three you already have unless cost is an issue but if you can't then you'd have to find something that's verified to be compatible.

    The memory timings, subtiming, Rank, etc of the 4th Kingston stick are not the same as the 3 sticks of Samsung memory that came with the HP. This can sometimes cause the system to fail to POST or if you do make it to the O.S. then it will crash or BSOD.

    I've had a system refuse to boot after installing incompatible memory. What I had to do was clear the CMOS by removing the battery and unplugging the system. If that doesn't work then try booting with only 1 stick of the good memory installed. After the initial boot and shutdown then you can reinstall the other 2 sticks.

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  • 8 months ago

    Have you tried putting just the original RAM back in to see if it boots up?

    • Shane Ellis8 months agoReport

      Yes, at first it wouldn't but after some re-seating it will boot again with original ram

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Have you made sure it's plugged in? If you want to take the stop-gap approach that is.

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