Essential tremor patient: need advice?

Hi, everyone. So, I'm 20 and noticeably have ET since 4 years ago. I'm depressed ever since and wish I could find a way out of it. It's that I keep thinking my efforts are futile because one day, maybe tomorrow or two years from now, they'll direct me to do something and my tremors are going to hinder me in this moment, making me fail at it.

For example, jobs. You need to be a very active and confident person to go and succeed in both job searching and job working and I feel can't be enough. I mean, what employer would hire and willingly want to work with a trembling guy more than with a healthy person? Then there are also normal interpersonal connections. I'm naturally a very calm and positive person but due to the tremors I've become super shy and anxious, avoiding conversations at all costs.

I've already tried medicine but realized the side effects were just as bad as the tremors themselves so what I have to help is me and me alone and you now know how I am...

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    My husband has essential tremors and his hands used to shake pretty badly. Medication has helped a lot. Have you talked to your doctor to see if a different medicine might help your condition? Sometimes you have to try several meds to find the one that works best with your body.

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    I have that problem too and for a couple years, I used 0.5 MG Alprazolam up to three times per day as needed. It kicks in fast and was very effective within 15 minutes to 3 hours. But it wears off fast. Eventually, I stopped taking it due to concerns about addiction.

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