Can i register my Motorcycle In multiple countries?

I am from the United States and love riding my Motorcycle. I am currently 1 year into living in a sailing yacht and was wondering if i was able to buy another bike and register it in United States, Europe and other countries at the same time to make land travel easier instead of spending so much money on car rentals, taxis, and ride shares. Thanks! and if more details needed just ask!

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  • 1 year ago


    What you are wanting to do is IMPORT the bike. That process can get complicated and expensive.

    To just ride it as a visitor is a much different and easier thing to do. Main issue is to have some insurance coverage that the country requires.and an appropriate license to drive in that country.

    It may be a cheaper thing to just buy/rent a local bike for your few weeks in port.

    As no one but you knows what other stuff you are hauling around in your yacht just take into consideration the space it occupies in your cargo area and the requirements to load and off load it at the various ports.

    There are hundreds of possible countries you might end up at and the temporary import regulations are not the same country to country.

    In some situations it would just remain on the yacht for your time in that port.Just not worth the bureaucratic red tape for a few days.

    UP TO YOU to check each country on their specific rules. Things like WHERE it is made, engine size.specific mandatory equipment. For example size of headlight/tail light.

    200 countries the rules are not same for all of them.

  • 1 year ago

    No, you can't register a vehicle in multiple countries, but you don't have to register a vehicle in a country in order to drive it there. In Europe, and in at least some other places, you may drive a foreign-registered vehicle for up to 6 months without being obliged to register it in Europe. You will have to make sure you have appropriate insurance from a US company, which is likely to cost you more than if the vehicle is only driven in the US. Google 'drive us registered vehicle in europe' or any country name, to find out details.

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