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Vegans hate meat but yet they try and imitate it for food lol?

Tell me vegans out there if we are not suppose to like the look of meat, nor the taste, or smell of it etc. Why do you try and make Vegan spaghetti bolognese, Vegan mac and cheese, Vegan beef burgers, vegan chicken wraps. Which are all in vegan restaurants btw. Why are you trying to imitate real meat so much if we are not meant to like the taste as I mentioned. You're clearly craving real meat I wanna hear your views on it.

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    I don't eat any of the things that you mentioned, but I'll take the question. Almost all vegans were raised eating meat and dairy, and they've grown accustomed to those tastes. It's as simple as that. There are also many "accidentally vegan" foods that most people eat all the time - things like fruit salads, or oatmeal, or strawberry jam on toast, or a vegetable stir-fry with rice - and in a hypothetical situation where someone was attempting to eat only meat, they might try to imitate those flavors (although that would be a challenge!).

    When I first went vegan, I did eat those imitation meats and cheeses a lot, simply because I kind of didn't know what else to do. But as I learned more and more about vegan nutrition, and started eating a lot more fresh and natural plant-based foods, I found that I just wasn't into the imitation stuff anymore.

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    Personally as a vegan I’m not very into imitation foods/fake meat, but it’s for vegans who liked the taste when they ate meat but don’t support the animal slaughter can have the flavor without contributing to animal killing

  • We don't hate meat; we hate how unethical its production is. As many of us grew up eating meat, we seek foods that are similar to old favorites but without the cruelty. Hence, analogues of all sorts.

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    i hate meat because humans are herbivores and not omnivores that is a misconception that people think and scientists are wrong.

    Source(s): my vegan friend in high school told me so.
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    I don't when I cook imitate meat. Would much rather just eat vegetables and tofu and such. We imitate meat like burgers and hot dogs because my husband thinks it's manly to eat meat, even though it's bad for his health. I've been vegan for a long time, and he whines about wanting to eat meat, he's been in bad health for years, had several surgeries and is on eight different medications. The last time I was in hospital was to be born, I take no medication. Who's the deluded individual here?

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    First, the word you need is “supposed”, not “suppose”.

    Everything you say is wrong, you are mistaken. You seem to be actually asking about vegetarians, not vegans.

    Vegans/vegetarians usually don't hate meat they have just decided not to eat it. It's like a fat person who goes on a diet doesn't hate fattening food, they just don't want to eat it. A person who gives up smoking doesn't hate smoking, they just don't want to do it anymore.

    When someone gives up something they like, they'll often try to find a substitute for it - fake meat, alcohol free beer and wine, artificial sweeteners, nicotine patches, vaping.

    COME ON wake up!

    @ Katie, I'm sure your mum is a lovely person but she's certainly “unusual”- the majority of people who give up smoking do NOT do so because they hate smoking.

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      Actually you appear to have overlooked a key in what was posted, and that was they said
      'they'll OFTEN try".

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    It's a psychological thing driven by thousands of if not a million years sitting around a dinner table, floor cave eating meat together coupled with the social cultural influences while growing up.

    Surprisingly, quorn is popular with non-vegetarians.

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    Vegans and the producers of the meat-substitute "imitate" it to facilitate the transition.

    Most vegans do not dislike the taste and texture of meat at all. They have ethical and political reasons for being vegans

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    People are far more often vegans for health reasons or ethical treatment of animals, not because they hate the taste of meat.

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    I'm not a vegan but I'll answer. Vegans don't choose to not eat meat because they don't like it, they don't eat meat because they feel animals deserve to live, and our tortured and abused when we raise them to be eaten.

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