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Scared I have HIV?

I am a female, and had unprotected oral sex with a guy who I recently heard has HIV. This was about 3 weeks ago. I gave him oral, and he gave me oral. Now I have a fever, runny nose, throat hurts and swollen lymph nodes. I read that transmission of HIV through oral is very very low risk but I am terrified with these symptoms I'm having.

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    As others have said you almost assuredly did not contact HIV through oral. That is almost impossible, either by giving or receiving. If you had open wounds in your mouth or Va-jay-jay then that might raise the possibility, but only by a miniscule amount. You may have caught another STD, though. Get a check up and put your mind to ease.

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    Get Tested. Not just for HIV

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    Hopefully, all he gave you was a cold. Go and get tested.

  • Just stop. Deal with the guy who you "recently heard had HIV" Contact him and find out what is going on.

    And - as you mentioned - the chances of contracting HIV from oral sex range from zero to 1 in 2500. The 1 in 2500 is mostly a cover-our-asses number because no one really wants to say it's impossible. It is also a very hard piece of data to gauge because oral sex is more often than not the only thing that happens.

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    Instead of being terrified, go get tested, Those symptoms do not sound like HIV, BTW.

  • kelvin
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    what your having is symptoms of a cold and not HIV and HIV wouldn't show up in three weeks

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    you proly have herpes in your mouth. and in your lady parts. (down there)

    yer a dirty woman now. no man will marry you cuz kissing you is like kissing a toilet at a bus station.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I have HIV and never had any of those symptoms and I doubt you caught it from oral sex. Did you have any cuts or sores in your mouth?

    Then you should be fine.

    Thanks Kelvin not sure why she thinks she knows better than I.

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